Organizers in the Save Allen Psych campaign have collected nearly 2,000 postcards from community members, including about 1,200 postcards mailed directly to Dr. Ann Marie Sullivan, New York State’s Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health. After we mailed postcards to Dr. Sullivan, we collected hundreds of additional postcards with the intention of sharing community members’ messages on this website. This page includes a selection of those messages. Refresh the page to see more.

Jenny B

We need more psych beds not fewer! People before profits.

Ana B

As an Inwood resident – please keep the wonderful services that serve the diverse needs of our community!

Jairo R

How are you planning to help instead of destroy the institution?

Carly D

Good mental health services promote a safe + welcoming community!

James T

I support the Psych Ward

Jessica N

Don’t shut the psych unit

Jam M

Let’s keep our brothers and sisters safe.

Janette H

I have a son who needs these wards. Think of the people, not your pockets.

Mildred V

We need more space and Allen Psych open because our community members and the domestic abused victims need that service. Save Allen Psych. Saving Allen Psych is saving our community.

Joe d

As a medical student, a lifelong New Yorker, and someone who has lost loved ones to mental illness/suicide, I know that any loss of psych beds means lives will be lost. We cannot allow the Allen psych ward to close.

Greg S

Mental health is HEALTH!!! Save Allen Psych – for the community –P&S medical student

Kaarin H

We should not lose this facility. Allen should be concerned about the community, not their profit!

Giada G


Tom W

Mental healthcare belongs in the community – available to all, not shunted away from the rest of our lives together, which impedes access, burdens patients and their friends, and communicates disrespect to patients, their friends, and caregivers alike. Allen Psych should not only be enlarged, it should be made more visible an integral part of our neighborhood.

Jesus R

The psych service vital to the community. Please keep it.

Yuri K

Health care, both mental and physical, is a human right. The for profit health insurance industry exerts inescapable pressure on the health care system that ultimately kills people to underwrite some executive’s bottom line. We cannot deprive our communities of life-saving care in the name of profit.

Melina R

I don’t agree

Nicholas M

Psych for all. Medical students won’t stand for exclusionary profiteering.

Jason S

It’s extremely important that you do not close the psychiatric center. The results would be catastrophic!

Arlene C

Keep Allen Psych open. Our facilities need your support.

Annel F

Mental health matters. Mental health within our community–>many people of low income, immigrant, underresourced backgrounds matters too. As a medical student and future doctor, I proudly support this movement.

Wendy F

Follow NY state law and provide community mental health services at Allen Pavilion. Rikers Island is not a substitute for community mental health!

Krystie R

Please do not shut down Psych Unit for our community we need it.

Joann M

Don’t close us down!

Nick S

Save Allen Psych!!

Julie F

Healthcare is a human right! It is important for people to be able to get mental health services in their communities where they have family and community support!

Isabel G

Mental health access is critical! Closing this unit will dramatically reduce access to care in this community. As a medical student, I feel obligated to stand up against an obvious instance of profit being placed above patient care. NYP is our home institution–is this the lesson we should be learning about health care?

D. M

We demand that the Allen Psych Dept stay open. Mental health is presently the #1 need nationally and we have the same thing in New York City. It is an affront to the community to even think of such an action. Keep it open! Keep it open!



Alex K

New York has a severe shortage of mental health services. Allen Psych is essential for community mental health and access for low income and marginalized residents. It must stay open and bed increased so it can serve the people of NYC.