Los organizadores de la campaña Save Allen Psych han recolectado cerca de 2,000 tarjetas postales de miembros de la comunidad, incluidas aproximadamente 1,200 tarjetas postales enviadas directamente a la Dra. Ann Marie Sullivan, Comisionada de la Oficina de Salud Mental del Estado de Nueva York. Después de enviar postales al Dr. Sullivan, recolectamos cientos de postales adicionales con la intención de compartir los mensajes de los miembros de la comunidad en este sitio web. Esta página incluye una selección de esos mensajes. Actualiza la página para ver más.

Maggie W

Neighborhoods NEED safety nets, patients NEED care

Haden P

Please keep the Allen Pavilion

John H

We need this facility up here. Don’t shut it down.

Sarah H

Any time that mental health access is limited, it is a disservice to the surrounding community. NYP has a responsibility to meet the needs of the community it is in, and as a med student, I believe that these services are vital, both to our neighbors and to our education!

Cyrus B

Our community needs more behavior health outpatient and inpatient services NOW more than ever, to be served locally in their community.

Miriam N

Mental health services are so important to the health and livability of our communities. Please do not relocate to a place where people who are underresourced and uninsured cannot access this vital service. Keep the Allen Psych unit in our area. Thank you.

Fletcher B

I am a medical student who believes a healthy community–like a healthy body–requires a commitment to mental health. Treat the vulnerable NOT THE RICH!

Josh L

Please don’t push out this facility. It’s so important!!

Jonathan P

I oppose shutting down the allen

Louis M

This place helps SO MANY PEOPLE. It has helped me as well. There is no truly good reason to shut it down. Period. It’s helped MANY TENS of THOUSANDS of people over the years. Keep it open!

Amit R

Please save Allen Psych!

Rhea V

Please don’t forget Mental Health.

Dana E

This local facility should be maintained for ALL prospective patients, not only those who provide Presbyterian with the most money.

Will C

Help keep mental health treatment available to local communities and get people the help they need

Emily M

Recovery looks like resources from the community and the medical system. #teamwork

Vanessa M

I think mental health is important to the community and should not be cut out. The needs of patients are important, they should be able to help inpatients as well as outpatient with their needs.

Josh C

Keep this important community resource here where it can make a real difference. People over profits!

Marta B

Please keep it open!

Jessica M

We need more services not less. Hispanic teens are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Let’s increase services to our community not close the services down.

Rimma K

Please save Allen Psych ward. It is crucial to many people’s lives!

Ryan H

As a medical student concerned with the paucity of care available to the average person, but especially to lower SES communities of color. I urge you to consider the impact of your decisions on the well being of the local community. Thank you.

Joseph C

Please keep it open!

Paloma L

31% of those homeless and facing mental health issues are Latinx. In a community where 68% of the population are of Latinx descent, they need to the appropriate mental health services to not end up homeless or in jails. Evictions and displacement lead to anxiety, depression, and at time to suicide. At a time when the city has a surging homelessness issue is when we most need mental health wellness and services in our neighborhoods.

Adam R

As a medical student at Columbia and a resident of the Inwood community, I see the Allen psych ward as a pillar of health and well being for the community and an investment in mental healthcare broadly both now and for the future as it is a vital training facility for medical students and future doctors. It’s disappointing that NYP, a huge player in the Manhattan and NYC community at large, decides not to be an innovator and leader in advocating for providing for those who need care, but simply another bottom-line driven corporation. It’s unjust, and a shame on all players connected to NYP. Just put the spine center in Westchester.

E. V

Por favor — do NOT close this ward. It is imperative for this community — I am from CUMC and WCMC — #DONOTShutDown 🙂

Maggie M

Keep psychiatric centers open locally. Keep this unit open! Our community needs it.

kevin W

Dear NY Presby – we need you to keep Allen Psych and expand your efforts to improve the NYC community. Allen Psych is a critical neighborhood institution whose operations improve the lives of many of New York’s most underserved residents. It is not only unfair but also bad to turn your back on those who need the most help.

Seth A

Save Allen Psych

Sarah T

Please keep our Psych Ward open!

Noah H

Save Allen Psych because mental health is crucial to our community! – A first year P&S med student