Los organizadores de la campaña Save Allen Psych han recolectado cerca de 2,000 tarjetas postales de miembros de la comunidad, incluidas aproximadamente 1,200 tarjetas postales enviadas directamente a la Dra. Ann Marie Sullivan, Comisionada de la Oficina de Salud Mental del Estado de Nueva York. Después de enviar postales al Dr. Sullivan, recolectamos cientos de postales adicionales con la intención de compartir los mensajes de los miembros de la comunidad en este sitio web. Esta página incluye una selección de esos mensajes. Actualiza la página para ver más.

Maggie M

Keep psychiatric centers open locally. Keep this unit open! Our community needs it.

Octavia D

Please prioritize mental healthcare. It can make an incredible difference in people’s lives.

Adi V

We need a psych facility in MORE neighborhoods not less


La comunidad de Inwood esta contigo hoy y siempre!! Pa’lante 🙂

Jessica C

I’m a local, and this is important to me.

Paula W

There is an appalling lack of mental health treatment across the city–this community needs this!

R. H

Keep it open for the community!

Jennifer C

Please keep the Allen Psychiatric unit open!

Keelon F

Save Allen Psych- save community services!

Jenny B

We need more psych beds not fewer! People before profits.

Wendy F

Follow NY state law and provide community mental health services at Allen Pavilion. Rikers Island is not a substitute for community mental health!

Alec F

As a medical student, I worked in an inpatient psychiatric unit. The services provided there are vital parts of communities. I have never been more inspired than I was by the thoughtful providers, social workers, OTs, and more that provide this invaluable care for some of our most vulnerable community members.

Annie O

Our family has been directly affected by psych hospitals in this community and without facilities it couldn’t have allowed for recovery. Please keep this open for our neighbors.

Michelle F

Mental healthcare should be a priority to NYP. Our community is important!

Loretta H

To keep an increase mental health services in the community. It’s a right for all who it to receive quality mental health, close to home. Being sent far away from home is unfair and unnecessary.

Miko B

We rely on mass incarceration to deal with poverty, mental health illness, and homelessness – all issues tied to underlying problem, which is capitalism.

Marshall D

People over profit. Hospitals should not be profit centers.

John H

We need this facility up here. Don’t shut it down.

Madeline C

Please keep the Allen Psych Unit open. It’s so important to provide inpatient care so that patients have somewhere to go and don’t end up homeless or incarcerated. My mother is a therapist and she has so many patients who need inpatient care but don’t have any options near where they live.

Christopher L

Mental health is at an all time high, specially with the surrounding neighborhoods and its inhabitants, its an important service provided and many want to get help to begin with, giving more reason to not is only adding to the problem. NO!!

Sarah M

Please don’t take vital care away from those who need compassionate healthcare

Wendy G

It is extremely necessary the Psych Hospital in this particular neighborhood. We have plenty of people that are homeless and families with psych needs. it’s important to have this facility open for our community. It would be devastating not to have a hospital like this in Inwood. We will be exposed to plenty of bad outcomes and danger.


Mental health is an important issue that has been put in the backburner for our community. We demand you keep this unit & expand it for your vulnerable communities that need it!!

John D

What can we do in order to have money in our communities to keep our facilities open, so that we will be able to get the proper medical attention to help people when needed?


Cause the community needs it.

Sarah G

Psych units are important for our community!

Teresa F

Es importante el cuidado mental.

K. F

Save the hospital!

Andrea F

Don’t shut down the psych unit

Emily G

Keep it open!!!