Los organizadores de la campaña Save Allen Psych han recolectado cerca de 2,000 tarjetas postales de miembros de la comunidad, incluidas aproximadamente 1,200 tarjetas postales enviadas directamente a la Dra. Ann Marie Sullivan, Comisionada de la Oficina de Salud Mental del Estado de Nueva York. Después de enviar postales al Dr. Sullivan, recolectamos cientos de postales adicionales con la intención de compartir los mensajes de los miembros de la comunidad en este sitio web. Esta página incluye una selección de esos mensajes. Actualiza la página para ver más.

Julia H

This is a *necessary* facility for Inwood/Upper Manhattan! Please keep this open!

Andrea G

Mental health resources have declined in recent years. Please keep this facility open to help the underserved.

Wendy G

It is extremely necessary the Psych Hospital in this particular neighborhood. We have plenty of people that are homeless and families with psych needs. it’s important to have this facility open for our community. It would be devastating not to have a hospital like this in Inwood. We will be exposed to plenty of bad outcomes and danger.

James D

Without Allen Psych, Inwood/Washington Heights is left with very little support for mental health. Losing these services would be devastating. Every issue in the community is made worse without the support the Allen provides. Save the Psych unit! Protect mental health services! Otherwise, Rikers will be the provider of last resort. And when that happens, everyone suffers!

Siona L

Please leave this valuable facility open. -Siona

Stephanie F

Thank you–would love to help save this!

Peter B

Keep this unit in our area. We need as much mental health facilities as possible.

Jacquie M

Keep healthcare in Inwood affordable

Amber P

Mental health is key to success in life and happiness, thus I support saving the Allen!

John D

What can we do in order to have money in our communities to keep our facilities open, so that we will be able to get the proper medical attention to help people when needed?

Scott K

Don’t close it!!!

Juana S

Hey my name is Juana Santana I agree to keep the psych unit, we need to taken care people with mental illness.

Jim S

Please save Allen!

Amy W

As a medical student, I think mental health is super important.

William L

Please keep the Allen Psych open. The neighborhood needs it. The people need it. The city needs it. There is much need by those who are suffering. This is how they can alleviate it.

Luz B

Please don’t close the psych ward. As a teenager I was a patient in a hospital for suicide. I am alive for my experience in a ward. Please continue to help people of my neighborhood.

Nick H

People over profit!!!!! Why am I learning medicine at an institution that doesn’t care about the community????

Johanna S

Help our residents we’re watching you NYP!

Javier A

Just do the right thing!

Loraine A

Please keep it open it is important. My son has mental illness. I know first hand how important. We need your help!!


Keep Allen open!

Dan M

Mental health services are extremely important especially in underserved communities

Martha J

We need this service in our community to community, to continue to provide services for those in need and don’t have the resources.

Erica R

Mental health is a critical community issue–healthy minds make healthy lives.

Fernando S

I’m a carpenter, I work here, I see many crazy people all over — city needs to help these people. You need to create emergency services for these people in another place!

Elizabeth G

More options are needed for mental health

Donna J

These services are greatly needed! What if it was your family members?

Marina C

por fabor no cierren la clinica pues es de mucha alluda para mucha persona que conosco y en mi comunidad

Ana T

Please do not close the site!

Naomi M

Don’t close the hospital. Mental health patients are citizens who need help. Don’t be a crappy organization.