Los organizadores de la campaña Save Allen Psych han recolectado cerca de 2,000 tarjetas postales de miembros de la comunidad, incluidas aproximadamente 1,200 tarjetas postales enviadas directamente a la Dra. Ann Marie Sullivan, Comisionada de la Oficina de Salud Mental del Estado de Nueva York. Después de enviar postales al Dr. Sullivan, recolectamos cientos de postales adicionales con la intención de compartir los mensajes de los miembros de la comunidad en este sitio web. Esta página incluye una selección de esos mensajes. Actualiza la página para ver más.

Amy H

We need a bigger space and more beds for our people who need the help.

Tyler W

Mental Health is incredibly important and life saving

Ryan H

As a medical student concerned with the paucity of care available to the average person, but especially to lower SES communities of color. I urge you to consider the impact of your decisions on the well being of the local community. Thank you.

Lucy C

I am a medical student at Columbia University who is concerned about the closure of the Allen Psychiatric Unit in what it means for the community and what it communicates about our values. Currently, there is a shortage of inpatient psych beds in the city (with wait time for a bed ~5 days from the ED). Strong mental health services that the community needs and deserves requires institutions such as NYP in standing up for what is right over what is profitable.

Janette H

I have a son who needs these wards. Think of the people, not your pockets.


La comunidad de Inwood esta contigo hoy y siempre!! Pa’lante 🙂


We all need mental health!

Luz S

Please be human and keep it open. Mental health is very important.


Keep this psych unit open! Low income communities & people of color need access to mental health care. The closure of this unit would exacerbate issues of unstable housing + cycles of mass incarceration that disproportionately effect black + brown people. Keep this community healthy by giving them the care they need!

Pauly J

Underrepresented members of our community, this is the right of every individual and not only to the most privileged. Please keep the Allen Psych open.

JoAnn V

Please keep Allen Psych open. It’s important for all.

Fern T

We need more hospitals that are not monopoly hospitals–that support less fortunate people. Inwood needs hospitals supporting those who need hospital care.

Loretta H

To keep an increase mental health services in the community. It’s a right for all who it to receive quality mental health, close to home. Being sent far away from home is unfair and unnecessary.

Daniel V

Mental health patients deserve our care (and dollars).

R. H

Keep it open for the community!

Julie W

Healthcare for human needs not profits!

Christian T

Please keep open an important community resource–leave the service of a community hospital whole!

Henriet N

I am clinical social worker and we need psychiatric facility in upper Manhattan. There is a great need to keep the unit going here at Allen Pavillion.

Theresa W

Mental health care is essential. Keep this facility open.

James Y

This is needed please work to keep this open.

Cameron S

Please save mental health services for all!

Gail S

Mental health issues are important and need to be fully addressed by NY. We need adequate care for all illnesses.

Abhishek R

I’m currently a medical student at Columbia, and I’m very concerned about the closure of the Allen Psych Ward. Community mental health needs to be better addressed in the Washington Heights neighborhood. Closing the ward seems a step in the wrong direction.

Kerek W

It’s an unfortunate situation that these beds are being taken away. Hopefully they have a better solution instead of sending these people to Rikers Island.

Stephen L

Psychiatric medicine is a super important part of healthcare that is often underlooked! We need as many facilities as possible to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients. As a medical student I’ve seen just how relevant this issue as been in our community

Joann M

Don’t close us down!

Sam W

We need more services for those suffering from mental illness + substance abuse in this neighborhood, not less. We need parity for mental health services and also parity for the Inwood neighborhood.

Marin G

I have worked as a mental health social worker for eight years, and at a state psychiatric hospital for two years. Mental health services need to be available in the community to be effective. It is discriminatory to move services out to the suburbs.

Thomas R

Please keep the facility in the neighborhood

John H

We need this facility up here. Don’t shut it down.