Organizers in the Save Allen Psych campaign have collected nearly 2,000 postcards from community members, including about 1,200 postcards mailed directly to Dr. Ann Marie Sullivan, New York State’s Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health. After we mailed postcards to Dr. Sullivan, we collected hundreds of additional postcards with the intention of sharing community members’ messages on this website. This page includes a selection of those messages. Refresh the page to see more.

Kerek W

It’s an unfortunate situation that these beds are being taken away. Hopefully they have a better solution instead of sending these people to Rikers Island.

Wilson M

I am a Columbia medical student. In class, we’ve had the opportunity to meet with many patients affects with psychiatric disorders and it is terrible to think that Columbia would not support them and their families.

Chris M

Health care for mental health is a human right for the community.

Ann P

A member of my family needs these services. I live in the neighborhood. Please keep it open!

Dalia R

Por fabor dejen el Hospital todo los necesitamos tanta legales como inlegales yo como residente de este pais por fabor no cometan mas errores esta hospital lo queremos gracias

Ben M

Please keep the hospital open!

Melissa C

Please don’t take away our neighborhood mental health services!

Rosa N

Rosa Fp.


Mental health care is a right. It is essential in this neighborhood (Inwood). Money should never be used in the equation. Multicultural/LGBT inclusion is essential.

Jim W

Please, we need this unit.

Antonio M

Community mental health service in the community. Provide services to the people in need of family services.

Julie F

Healthcare is a human right! It is important for people to be able to get mental health services in their communities where they have family and community support!

Scott S

Please save the mental health unit.

Valarie B

This is the only psychiatric center in immediate area. With the rise of mental health issues in the society we need this here in our community and with the patients in the hospitals

Gideon M

Save the Allen Psych unit! Keep 30 beds! Spines can be taken care of anywhere! Poor ppl have spines too!

Corinn M

Prioritize mental health!!!

Teresa L

I’m a first-year medical student at Columbia and I support the movement to save Allen Psych. I believe it’s essential for communities have access to psych care — Teresa Logue, MS1


Keep Allen open!

Juana S

Hey my name is Juana Santana I agree to keep the psych unit, we need to taken care people with mental illness.

Jessica C

Mental health services is very important and needed to help people with serious mental issues, and also it will lower down crimes and protect people.


Please save this hospital

Josh C

Keep this important community resource here where it can make a real difference. People over profits!

Samantha V

Save the Center

Steve F

Keep it open– we need it. Jill + Steve Fraser

Marina C

por fabor no cierren la clinica pues es de mucha alluda para mucha persona que conosco y en mi comunidad

Amy H

We need a bigger space and more beds for our people who need the help.

Kristin P

The city needs more inpatient beds, not fewer! Please keep this facility open. Being near family is incredibly important for mental health. Closing the Inwood facility forces families in crisis apart, which is harmful. Think about patients and their families instead of profit. DO GOOD.

Marie E

Mental Health is EXTREMELY important and we as a society need to do more–keeping the Allen Psychiatric Center open is one small way to work towards a better mental health system for all members of our community! –Marie Elaina Zuccaro

Allyyah M

I’m a medical student and right now we are learning so much about mental health and the attention it deserves. I want to be a doctor in a society that prioritizes mental health and treats it as equally important as physical health.

Ariel P

We have to support our community’s health! – Med student @ Columbia