Organizers in the Save Allen Psych campaign have collected nearly 2,000 postcards from community members, including about 1,200 postcards mailed directly to Dr. Ann Marie Sullivan, New York State’s Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health. After we mailed postcards to Dr. Sullivan, we collected hundreds of additional postcards with the intention of sharing community members’ messages on this website. This page includes a selection of those messages. Refresh the page to see more.

Rebeca K

Cuidar la salud mental esmuy importante, tanto como teener los recursos disponsibles para ayudar a nuestra communidad! Yo soy estudiante de medicina y quiero que se slave Allen psych!!

Liberty A

I strongly support Allen Psych’s mission in our community, and as a NYC resident I would love for it to stand longer and maintain its good work!

Theta P

This is a terrible thing to happen to the Bronx there are quite a few Mental pacients roming around the Bronx

Paloma L

31% of those homeless and facing mental health issues are Latinx. In a community where 68% of the population are of Latinx descent, they need to the appropriate mental health services to not end up homeless or in jails. Evictions and displacement lead to anxiety, depression, and at time to suicide. At a time when the city has a surging homelessness issue is when we most need mental health wellness and services in our neighborhoods.

Cyrus B

Our community needs more behavior health outpatient and inpatient services NOW more than ever, to be served locally in their community.

Kimberley R

As a mother who has suffered with postpartum depression, psych facilities need more $$$ not to be taken away.

Lyana F

As a volunteer advocate for sexual assault and intimate partner violence survivors at Allen for over four years, I saw first-hand the effect that a shortage of beds had on patients and the necessity of psychiatric services at that location. It is absolutely imperative to keep the ward open; any other outcome would be absolutely disastrous for our community. What are you doing?!

Janet H

NYP is guilty of greed. They want “celebrity diagnoses” instead of providing the work-a-day tasks of offering full health care to a diverse community.

Ariel P

We have to support our community’s health! – Med student @ Columbia

Steve S

Please keep mental health in the forefront of medical care

Megan O

We need to keep and increase the number of psych beds.

Dayamara C

Please support mental health and boost a community in any way possible! Mental health care is scarce in our area, so lets do what we can to ingrain the institutions we already have!

Juana S

Hey my name is Juana Santana I agree to keep the psych unit, we need to taken care people with mental illness.

Jackie T

Please prioritize mental health care for our community.

Wilson M

I am a Columbia medical student. In class, we’ve had the opportunity to meet with many patients affects with psychiatric disorders and it is terrible to think that Columbia would not support them and their families.

Maggie W

Neighborhoods NEED safety nets, patients NEED care

Michael W

Mental health is important to us here in the community and this vital resource must stay.

B. R

The city needs more mental health support not less. Taking out beds means more people on the streets, further removed form stability.

Loretta H

To keep an increase mental health services in the community. It’s a right for all who it to receive quality mental health, close to home. Being sent far away from home is unfair and unnecessary.

David B

Save the unit!


Keep services local!

Isabel G

Mental health access is critical! Closing this unit will dramatically reduce access to care in this community. As a medical student, I feel obligated to stand up against an obvious instance of profit being placed above patient care. NYP is our home institution–is this the lesson we should be learning about health care?

Luz S

Please be human and keep it open. Mental health is very important.

Lara K

It is unconscionable that the largest mental healthcare provider in NYC is Rikers Island. Healthcare is a human right. MENTAL healthcare is a human right. #PeopleOverProfits

Sara K

people over profits. Protect our mental health.

Mabel S

Leave the Allen Psych unit, we need it, stop trying to make money and start trying to save lives.

Leslie U

Please keep it open! Psychiatric care is so important and we need more people to help with mental health and give the care people need so they don’t end up on the street and overburdening other systems.

Edward K

Patients over profits.

Anthony L

Access shouldn’t be limited to only those with means.

Susan H

Save the hospital!