Organizers in the Save Allen Psych campaign have collected nearly 2,000 postcards from community members, including about 1,200 postcards mailed directly to Dr. Ann Marie Sullivan, New York State’s Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health. After we mailed postcards to Dr. Sullivan, we collected hundreds of additional postcards with the intention of sharing community members’ messages on this website. This page includes a selection of those messages. Refresh the page to see more.

Abby M

True or not true: you exist to serve the the interests of this community, NOT corporate or financial interests! To this end, Allen Psych should remain a COMMUNITY hospital that serves our vulnerable neighbors. NOT a fancy spine center that will serve financial interests and benefit primary those not in our community. For our community to thrive we need access to mental health services. We demand Allen Psych stay open and that you provide additional resources to help it remain and grow as a space for mental health help in our community.

Tammie D

Mental Health is overall health! Save Allen Psych so they can keep saving our community!

Anthony L

Access shouldn’t be limited to only those with means.


We need more facilities, not less!

Paloma L

31% of those homeless and facing mental health issues are Latinx. In a community where 68% of the population are of Latinx descent, they need to the appropriate mental health services to not end up homeless or in jails. Evictions and displacement lead to anxiety, depression, and at time to suicide. At a time when the city has a surging homelessness issue is when we most need mental health wellness and services in our neighborhoods.


People over profits!

Lydia E

Facilities that treat both mental illness and addiction / substance abuse are rare and are crucial to the improvement and chance at recovery for so many New Yorkers. The closure oft he Allen psych unit will result in the loss of specialized, superior treatment for common co-existence of mental illness and substance abuse. To humanize the matter, consider the story of Kimberly Stevens (“An Autobiography of Miss Wish” by NIna Bergman), who searched for years for a facility to treat both simultaneously, and when she finally did, they did not take her insurance. Allen Hospital uplifts humanity by providing these services and accepting Medicaid. Please remain open!

Emily M

Because being in the community means serving the community

Chris J

People over profit. We need more mental health services, not less.

James Y

This is needed please work to keep this open.

William F

Psychiatric care is a vital resource for the Upper Manhattan community. As a medical student, I know that patients will be best served if they can access mental health care — including inpatient psychiatric care — that is integrated into their other care.

Ana B

As an Inwood resident – please keep the wonderful services that serve the diverse needs of our community!

Sean C

There’s always a need to care for those with mental illness. Please provide these folks with a place to heal in.

Mary A

Psychiatric patients are as fragile as patients with physical problems. One thing that might help them is visits from friends and relatives. By having the facilities in NYC, patients and their visitors have relatively inexpensive transportation to the facility using local city buses and subways. By moving patients outside NYC, you make it more difficult for psych patients to enter and leave the facility and for visitors to travel to the hospital.

Emanuel M

Sending all psych patients from Inwood to Westchester Medical is totally unrealistic.

Mignolia V

Please keep the hospital open!

Donna F

We need services in this community, this city, this country. You cannot stay #1 without caring for all.

Rimma K

Please save Allen Psych ward. It is crucial to many people’s lives!

Joann M

Don’t close us down!

Allyyah M

I’m a medical student and right now we are learning so much about mental health and the attention it deserves. I want to be a doctor in a society that prioritizes mental health and treats it as equally important as physical health.


I think the mental health of the city’s residents is more important that $$

Wendy T

As a first year medical student, I believe in the importance of keeping the Allen psychiatric hospital!!

Anduin H

Our neighborhood needs services for EVERYONE!! Keep the Allen Pavillion Psych Services!

Jairo R

How are you planning to help instead of destroy the institution?

Chris C

Prioritize mental health. Don’t shut down Allen Psych.

Miriam N

Mental health services are so important to the health and livability of our communities. Please do not relocate to a place where people who are underresourced and uninsured cannot access this vital service. Keep the Allen Psych unit in our area. Thank you.

Jim S

Please save Allen!

Megan O

We need to keep and increase the number of psych beds.

Dylan H

The Allen Psych ward is an incredibly important facility that should be preserved and maintained. The removal of it will force may patients to be out of care due to the difficulty of navigating to the other facility in Westchester. Therefore, the upholding of the institution must be maintained to continue to provide the help people rely on for their mental health needs.

Leribo G

Don’t shut the unit!