Organizers in the Save Allen Psych campaign have collected nearly 2,000 postcards from community members, including about 1,200 postcards mailed directly to Dr. Ann Marie Sullivan, New York State’s Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health. After we mailed postcards to Dr. Sullivan, we collected hundreds of additional postcards with the intention of sharing community members’ messages on this website. This page includes a selection of those messages. Refresh the page to see more.

Pat Z

Please save this service!

Fernando S

I’m a carpenter, I work here, I see many crazy people all over — city needs to help these people. You need to create emergency services for these people in another place!

Chris G

As as medical student who’s rotated thru an inpatient psychiatric hospital in New York, it was ABUNDANTLY clear that there are not nearly enough psychiatric beds for people living with severe mental illness. Patients–fortunate to have a bed at the hospital–were often stuck waiting for transfer to the state hospital and we would often have to refuse patients from the emergency departments. Unable to treat those who need us in a time of crisis is a tragedy. Keeping Allen Hospital not only open, but expanding it, must happen.

Faeth S

We need 30 beds in the city. Please don’t displace people in need of health services.

Theresa W

Mental health care is essential. Keep this facility open.

Janet H

NYP is guilty of greed. They want “celebrity diagnoses” instead of providing the work-a-day tasks of offering full health care to a diverse community.

Noah B

Save Psych!

Keelon F

Save Allen Psych- save community services!

Jennifer C

Please keep the Allen Psychiatric unit open!

Giada G



Psychiatric beds are desperately needed in Northern Manhattan. Don’t close Allen Pavilion

Janette H

I have a son who needs these wards. Think of the people, not your pockets.

Terri M

Because access to adequate healthcare should not be determined by one’s proximity to wealth, and an organization committed to providing for a community in need should be a priority for not just its members, but for elected officials as well. It should not be a financial burden upon a community to see and help their peers and loved ones in need. Prioritize people, not profits!

R. H

Keep it open for the community!

Haden P

Please keep the Allen Pavilion

Josh L

Please don’t push out this facility. It’s so important!!

Emily S

It would be a good idea, and it’s important

Sandra T

Hospital beds for psych are needed in the neighborhood where patients live so family can contribute and support.


Keep Allen open!

John H

We need this facility up here. Don’t shut it down.

Tyler A

Mental health services are underfunded and lacking in Inwood. Please bring the resources to bear that the community needs.

Yuri K

Health care, both mental and physical, is a human right. The for profit health insurance industry exerts inescapable pressure on the health care system that ultimately kills people to underwrite some executive’s bottom line. We cannot deprive our communities of life-saving care in the name of profit.


Keep resources Inwood needs in Inwood!

Jorge P

Mental healthcare is important. Accessibility and community is even more important.

Richard K

I workd with teens and young adults who depend on accessible mental health services.

Philip B

We need mental health care in Inwood!

Leslie F

Let’s keep mental health services available.

Milagros d

The Northern Manhattan community needs more medical facilities that serve its residents!

Brian E

The closing of beds in the Allen Psychiatric Ward is at best short-sighted and at its worst is deliberate cruelty. Ask yourselves this question. How would closing beds contribute to democracy? How does cutting off access to medical services that directly benefit members of the community give people a say in what happens in their lives? How does it contribute to harm reduction? Because if these beds close, the consequences are predictable. More overdoses. More incarcerated people. More evictions. Why this? If the decision-makers are this deferential to profit, then those decision-makers are cowards.