Organizers in the Save Allen Psych campaign have collected nearly 2,000 postcards from community members, including about 1,200 postcards mailed directly to Dr. Ann Marie Sullivan, New York State’s Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health. After we mailed postcards to Dr. Sullivan, we collected hundreds of additional postcards with the intention of sharing community members’ messages on this website. This page includes a selection of those messages. Refresh the page to see more.

Sarah G

It’s a really good place unlike others. It helps a lot of people who need help, it has a purpose.

Victor C

Mantener abierta esta institución por la salud de la comunidad y para promover la educacion de los estudiantes medicos como yo.

Tyler W

Mental Health is incredibly important and life saving

Lillian L

I’m a first-year medical student and as a future healthcare provider, I believe firmly that mental health care is vital to the community.

Efrain O

Prioritize mental health care!

Thomas R

Please keep the facility in the neighborhood

Billy B

Mental health is important. As a future physician and current medical student, this means a lot to me.

Calvin T

People over profit.

Dan M

Mental health services are extremely important especially in underserved communities

Yaneiry A

Help save our community! Double the beds at beds at the psych.

Clint C

Keep it open!! I live in the neighborhood. We need brain health. Don’t be spineless money grubbers.


Please keep Psych open! <3 It's extremely beneficial to the community!

Arlene C

Keep Allen Psych open. Our facilities need your support.

Fletcher B

I am a medical student who believes a healthy community–like a healthy body–requires a commitment to mental health. Treat the vulnerable NOT THE RICH!

Tammie D

Mental Health is overall health! Save Allen Psych so they can keep saving our community!

Matthew Z

Facilities and resources like the Allen psychiatric ward are crucial for the mental health and well-being or individuals and the communities of which they are part, both for individuals seeking and needing treatment, and those in the communities connected with those individuals. Often undervalues and overlooked, mental healthcare is vital to the health of our society. I urge you to maintain the ward’s operation. Individuals in need are counting on it… and on you!


Es necesario tener el hospital abierto por una emergencia. Gracias

Michael C

Prioritize people and community over profit! As a VP&S medical student, I believe Allen Psych should be kept open

Jimmie B

I am in full support of keeping the Allen psychiatric space. We must have the mental health, here, in Inwood. People who need mental health care must be accessible to their families and friends.

Elizabeth G

More options are needed for mental health

Terri M

Because access to adequate healthcare should not be determined by one’s proximity to wealth, and an organization committed to providing for a community in need should be a priority for not just its members, but for elected officials as well. It should not be a financial burden upon a community to see and help their peers and loved ones in need. Prioritize people, not profits!


La comunidad de Inwood esta contigo hoy y siempre!! Pa’lante 🙂

Scott S

Please save the mental health unit.

Pedro B

Mental health is important for our community. Please keep access available!

Wilson M

I am a Columbia medical student. In class, we’ve had the opportunity to meet with many patients affects with psychiatric disorders and it is terrible to think that Columbia would not support them and their families.

Christian T

Please keep open an important community resource–leave the service of a community hospital whole!

Tim F

Upper Manhattan must have a psych unit and NYP can easily afford it. Steve Corwin can take a pay cut!

Ashley L

Mental health is an essential part of healthcare and patients deserve accessible services in their communities.


Mental health services are needed in my area. Do not close this vital service in a multicultural neighborhood where people otherwise who have been left behind can. Do not value profits over people of color.

Caitlin P

Do NOT shut it down, please!