Los organizadores de la campaña Save Allen Psych han recolectado cerca de 2,000 tarjetas postales de miembros de la comunidad, incluidas aproximadamente 1,200 tarjetas postales enviadas directamente a la Dra. Ann Marie Sullivan, Comisionada de la Oficina de Salud Mental del Estado de Nueva York. Después de enviar postales al Dr. Sullivan, recolectamos cientos de postales adicionales con la intención de compartir los mensajes de los miembros de la comunidad en este sitio web. Esta página incluye una selección de esos mensajes. Actualiza la página para ver más.

Tom W

Mental healthcare belongs in the community – available to all, not shunted away from the rest of our lives together, which impedes access, burdens patients and their friends, and communicates disrespect to patients, their friends, and caregivers alike. Allen Psych should not only be enlarged, it should be made more visible an integral part of our neighborhood.

Kaarin H

We should not lose this facility. Allen should be concerned about the community, not their profit!

kevin W

Dear NY Presby – we need you to keep Allen Psych and expand your efforts to improve the NYC community. Allen Psych is a critical neighborhood institution whose operations improve the lives of many of New York’s most underserved residents. It is not only unfair but also bad to turn your back on those who need the most help.

Antony F

Don’t shut it down.


Please keep Psych open! <3 It's extremely beneficial to the community!

Madeline C

Please keep the Allen Psych Unit open. It’s so important to provide inpatient care so that patients have somewhere to go and don’t end up homeless or incarcerated. My mother is a therapist and she has so many patients who need inpatient care but don’t have any options near where they live.

S. S

Maintain and expand facilities for the mentally ill.

Paul B

Please don’t shut down the unit.

Lily A

Making mental health care available to New Yorkers is vital both for individuals in need of support and for all our communities. Reducing mental health resources will harm so many people and ripple out to harm neighbors, families, communities

Jim W

Please, we need this unit.

Jen E

Please consider the increased affordable housing crisis closing Allen psych will cause–Please do not deny this vulnerable population the services they need access to.

Pauly J

Underrepresented members of our community, this is the right of every individual and not only to the most privileged. Please keep the Allen Psych open.

Reggie J

Mental health facility near patients can be close to families.

Christian T

Please keep open an important community resource–leave the service of a community hospital whole!

Janette H

I have a son who needs these wards. Think of the people, not your pockets.

Nina M

Please keep it open we need it. 🙂

Miriam N

Mental health services are so important to the health and livability of our communities. Please do not relocate to a place where people who are underresourced and uninsured cannot access this vital service. Keep the Allen Psych unit in our area. Thank you.

Erica R

Mental health services are so important. Please save it!

E. V

Por favor — do NOT close this ward. It is imperative for this community — I am from CUMC and WCMC — #DONOTShutDown 🙂

Luke A

Mental Healthcare is a right and should be a community priority, especially with the opioid epidemic in NYC. Patients over profits!!

William S

Please keep inpatient/psy unit open. These very sick patients should be treated in an in-patient facility. The community is counting on you!

Mary L

I have been a geriatric SW in Wash Hts. Many of my clients were «safely landed» there. I remember when WHICOA fought for a designated floor for our seniors in Wash Hts.

Marin G

I have worked as a mental health social worker for eight years, and at a state psychiatric hospital for two years. Mental health services need to be available in the community to be effective. It is discriminatory to move services out to the suburbs.

Hannah M

Hello! I am a medical student at Columbia, and I just want to ask you to consider the impact of your decision on everyone in this community! Don’t underestimate the value of mental health!

Noah H

Save Allen Psych because mental health is crucial to our community! – A first year P&S med student

Daniel S

Your helping hands will always be appreciated!

Margaret Z

I oppose closing the Allen Pavillion psych unit. Please keep it open.

Eduardo D

Space is always needed for the people of this city. Do better. We all need help but we don’t need it to be harder.

Sara H

Please don’t shut this unit down.

Sara K

people over profits. Protect our mental health.