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!..BELLO SER EN TODOS LOS SENTIDOS…????????? His most memorable performance that touched people’s hearts was of Go Chung Myung from the show, Hotel Del Luna which earned him a famous moniker, which I won’t reveal for those who haven’t watched yet. He has a handsome face with a beautiful heart. He has a beautiful soul. Su sonrisa y su mirada enloquecen a cualquiera. I VOTE FOR XIAO ZHAN. They are very attractive, having very successful career, also are well known around the world. ( Sean Zhan) from china . And sometimes the experts’ choice comes as a total surprise. Read this post to see who made the list. Did you know that when Prince William was about to join college, the speculated college received a record number of applications from female students that year? Being an actor, he has worked in a few films. He was also ranked ‘Most Searched Indian on Internet’. Hey, where’s Bob Morley? There are many beauty contests where judges assess the participants based on their appearance. Though he was born on December 27, 1965, He still looks very young and has great fashion sense and his well-built body is certainly in great shape. Hrithik is also an excellent dancer. I only vote for Xiao Zhan ( Sean Xiao) from China, He is nice, kind actor and Singer . I vote for Xiao Zhan!! I vote for Xian Zhan, for me he is the most handsome and beautiful man in the world. ❤️, Dimash Kudaibergen the most talented the best looking the handsome man in the world ❤. Salman Khan is termed as Bhai in India. DIMASH KUDAIBERGEN IS THE MOST HANDSOME AND OF COURSE, THE MOST TALENTED FOR ME. The following is the list of top 15 most handsome men in the world 2020. I vote for him as the most handsome man in the world 2020. KIM HYUN JOONG sigue manteniendo esa originalidad sinceridad y profesionalismos desde niño hasta ahora adulto q pocos tienen ante camaras su personalidad es la mejor ni q decir de su entrega en el escenario y su cautivadora sonrisa ya fue premiado antes al mejor rostro y más tiene mucho talento aparte de lo fisico. I vote for Xiao Zhan? Confident, most humble, intelligent, educated, sofisticted, talented, industrious, dedicated entrant. If Hallmark Channel goes ahead with a gay-themed Christmas movie, Peter fits the bill in every which way. The most handsome man of 2020 chosen by your vote Hrithik Roshan is one of the most attractive and dashing actors from India. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I got for xiao zhan aka Sean xiao. His asset is his mischievous yet innocent smile — kind of magic as it brings happiness to anyone’s heart.❤ He’s simply amazing. I vote for Sean Xiao the Most Handsome Man in the World, VOTE FOR SEAN XIAO THE MOST HANDSOME MAN IN THE WORLD❤. SEAN XIAO THE MISG HANDSOME MAN IN THE WORLD ??? You might want to check on him, how the antis bully this bunny but he has a lot of supporters not only in China but in the world and how he still positive after all of this and even set an example for everyone. 0 Comment. Every one in this world should know that v is the most handsome guy on earth. My 18th most handsome guy is one of the strongest from Soul Society, captain of the 6th division and the current head of the Kuchiki Clan - Kuchiki Byakuya. Dean rose to fame in the 1950s, most notably for his role in Rebel Without A Cause, for which he became a cultural icon as the ultimate bad boy.The … Jeon Jungkook vs Kim Seokjin? There are many opinions about male beauty, but we present you a list of the most handsome men in the world, according to modern women.Among our rating you will find not only pumped up athletes but also famous actors and singers, as well as other equally popular persons. I vote for Xiao Zhan. ?☝️, Mi voto xiao zhan hombre beautiful, sexiest, handsome, cute china actor singer modelo, Vota Xiao Zhan de China… es un gran artista dedicado y trabajador.. ademas de ser humilde y amoroso, I vote for wang yibo and Xiao zhan, from philippine. He is very handsome with positive energy and beautiful and kind soul. So … ??? Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan is awesome!????? We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Long Live my Lord. I vote for xiaon zhan from Chinese he is the most handsome man I ever know, Vote for Sean Xiao the most handsome Man in the world. Amazing! His movie sales are high, probably because his appearance and movies are great. The world shines a little brighter anytime you see it. O homem mais lindo do planeta! I see you added Eliza to the women’s poll, could you add Bob Morley to this one so I can vote for him as well? Just to prove it all, it was in 2015 that he was the most searched person on Google. I Vote Xiao Zhan from China forever, I love “the Untamed ” and movie Jade Dynasty. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. i vote Kim Taehyung, most beautiful creature I have ever seen. 11. He is handsome, talented, intelligent, accomplished and a thorough gentleman with many fine attributes and qualities. The actor has never been married. Very kind, polite, humble und down-to-earth. And also a best actor♡ Fighting! Can Yaman por siempre. Robert Pattinson has been declared the "world's most handsome man," according to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. First time to support a celebrity, and i must say he’s worth it! Sort by: View: 245 names 1. El más buen mozo!!! Vote for Xiao Zhan #China He is the most handsome Man in the world He is a talented actor and singer. Su maravilloso Can Divid de Erkenci Kus nos hizo y nos hace soñar cada día. He yet again surpassed with superior acting in 18 Again, a KDrama remake of Hollywood movie ’17 Again’. The blue eyes were famed, but his spot-on sarcastic deliveries and sense of humor made the already stunning man even more glorious to get all dewy over. ?#BTSV#V#KIMTAEHYUNG as the most handsome face in the world 2020. I vote for Xiaozhan( Sean Xiao) from China. Vote Xiao Zhan from China, I love “the Untamed ” and movie Jade Dynasty. Not only he is handsome he is also a man with a pure heart. Meet The Most Handsome Guy On Earth. According to this standard, here are the 10 most handsome men walking the Earth: 1. Dimash is pretty man end excellent singer!! Supporting ❤️❤️. Jensen Ackles is the most handsome man in the world . Undoubtedly, he is the most beautiful man in the world right now. I vote for Kim Taehyung! Sam Heughan or Aidan Turner? We support you from Myanmar?? ?you’re tge best. Vote to Xiao Zhan from China!!!! Well, not only is Justin Trudeau handsome; he is also incredibly nice and sticky sweet. Who is your favorite actor? Xiao zhan ( sean xiao) from China is very handsome and kind. Mí voto es para Zac Efron. Can Yaman. 2020, Xiao zhan for Most handsome man in the world2020, I vote for Xiao Zhan from China! I vote for Xiao Zhan – an actor and singer from China. His deep eyes and appealing smile speaks for his name amongst our list. ❤️? Thanks for your comment. I vote xiao zhan ( sean xiao) from China. Please vote taehung For who is your favorite singer Kim taehung Vs Kim Hyun Joong and vote BTS on twitter for MTV hhottest superstar and vote RM for best K-pop leader sbs popasia we are loosing from exo please vote for them share this info to with other army’s more and more once ?????? DIMASH KUDAIBERGEN CANTANTE KAZAJO LA MEJOR VOZ DEL MUNDO ?????? I vote for Xiao Zhan ( Sean Xiao ) from China. In addition, the second youngest Prime Minister of the country. He is handsome and beautiful heart. I vote #XiaoZhanChina the best in the world!!!! I vote for Sean Xiao the most handsome Man in the world ♥️?♥️♥️. ❤️. Many fans love him any where in the world. He’s a great sexy dancer. I vote for Xiaozhan ❤️ From china ?? You’re missing my absolute favorite, and in my opinion, the most gorgeous man on the planet, Gong Yoo! ash stymest4. Please add Bob Morley to this poll. Peter Porte. Who is your favorite K-Pop Male Idol? Men's beauty is considered a very controversial issue. This list is composed of famous living men from Tv, movies, sports, politics or models. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} father and son sailing. Thanks, I vote for Jin because he is the most handsome men in the universe and galaxy others is nothing, I love you xiao zhan bab you are the most handsome man in the word. He is the best!!!!! Love from Indonesia. Hrithik Roshan – the most handsome man of world. He is also courageous and dare to chase his dream, never back down when facing obstacles. still not married. We choose the most Handsome Men in the World 2020 according to your votes. Eu voto Dimash Kundaibergen cantor do Cazaquistão. He is descripted as “the world kisses him with pain but returning with songs”. According to Dr Silva, his physical face dimensions are 92.15% ‘accurate’ to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. Vota x XIAO ZHAN de china.. es una gran persona cantante. Vote for Xiao Zhan GEGE. Who is the world’s most handsome man? Im giving my vote to Kim taehyung He is so Handsome. Besides his great looks , he can do comedy ,he directs and is a fabulous singer .It you’re never heard him sing, look him up on UTube . You may know many men who look very stylish, handsome, and smart and also they were famous in their particular field. I would love to vote for him! Es muy guapo,sensual,tierno,carismatico,sensible y como ser humano es maravilloso. He is the best actor. Not only handsome but intelligent, immensely talented with a great sense of humour. I vote for DIMASH , not just for his beautiful voice , because he is the most handsome men in the World, There are a couple guys in that list that I like very much, but this year, my vote and my heart belongs to Dimash Kudaibergen.❤️, I vote for Michael Fassbender. Also, he is the richest actor in the world. ?Fantastic voice singer and wonderful man! His hazel color eyes add more attraction in his personality – he look more handsome. Vote for XIAO ZHAN who is most hansome man in the world 2020. Xiao Zhan is the most handsome man in the world.? ?????? ????????????? Mi voto es para Can Yaman, arriba nuestro rey!! But it is very hard to pick those top 10 world famous ones. Xiao Zhan is wonderful person. Dimash is the most charming singer in the world. I vote for Sean Xiao the most gorgeous & hsndsome Man un the world ??? There iare so many handsome people around the world but his handomeness comes from her character and personality. Mi voto es para Can Yaman, el mejor actor turco de todos los tiempos. Dimash Kudaibergen is pure inspiration. Kim Taehyung (V) or Park Jimin? El mejor en todo sentido. I Vote for SEAN XIAO the Most Handsome Man in the World! V aka Kim Tae-Hyung is the most handsome man in the world, no wonder about it since as time is passing K-Pop is becoming popular. #vote for Kim taehyung..the most handsome man and singer with soulful and healing voice?.. Mi voto es para Can Yaman , el hombre más guapo del mundo. Ladies, do enjoy! A handsome boys is really catching the attention of the most beautiful ladies with his cute smile, kind eyes and rugged looks. Thanks for your comment. A Golden Globe Award winner, gained world wide recognition for Mad Men in 2007. Joaquin Phoenix is that mysterious and quiet boy that they all would have talked about at high school. Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan is awesome! Xiao Zhan for the win? He was most admired handsome guy in the Middle East by the female. Because of his charming looks, he has huge fan-following in the world. This list is created on the same principle as the list mentioned above. ?? Newer Post Older Post Home. He is simply the best! Who is your favorite K-Pop Male Idol? He has become the trendsetter and fashion icon in India. portrait of a mid adult male - handsome gay man stock pictures, royalty … Also, he has won the best actor prize in the 2013 Golden Egg Film Festival. Below is a compilation of the most handsome men in the world, a few of which have made history because of their looks! So much talent and gorgeous. bASIA July 26, 2019 at 8:24 pm # CAN YAMAN, DIMASH THEY SUPER!!!! My Prince from Kazakhstan. In addition to handsome, he is well known for his dashing hairstyles. I vote for Xiao Zhan?Xiao Zhan is Everything❤.He is my World.? I vote for Chinese actor Xiaozhan. He got married to Catherine Middleton in April 2011. He has a huge kind heart, loves kids? Vote for Sean Xiao the most handsome Man in the world ???? I vote for SEAN XIAO the Mosr Gorgeous & Handsome Man in te World.♥️, I VOTE FOR SEAN XIAO THE MOST HANDSOME MAN IN THE WORLD. I vote for Dimash Kudaibergen for the most handsom man in the world. After he’s been bullied online and offline for so many months, Xiao Zhan still stays strong and positive, so in my mind, he is the most beautiful person inside and outside. Noone can compare with him.He should be the most handsome man in the world,I think it’s not fair I vote every day and I see vote difference is always 2000….I am so disappointed.Xiao is extraordinary and exceptional. Of course xiao Zhan the most handsome one! News ★ Who is the most handsome black man in the world 2018 ? He is popular for many popular roles that he has been in. He was most admired handsome guy in Middle East by female. Godfrey Gao, the most handsome man from Taiwan. Dimash kudaibergen..el más bello del mundo…, I vote for XIAO ZHAN. His potrayal of a middle -aged man not-so-trapped in an 18 year old’s body was hilarious! Xiao Zhan really deserves this title ❤❤❤. My vote goes to the most talented and handsome singer in the world today DIMASH KUDAIBERGEN. Page #5. I will always support Shaw. Who is your favorite K-Pop Male Idol? I want to vote xiao zhan from china Because he is handsome and cute. 286k. Vote for Sean Xiao Zhan – handsome, captivating & full of humility!! ??????????????????? SEAN XIAO THE MOST HANDSOME MAN IN THE WORLD ♥️♥️♥️. I vote xion Zhan and wang yibo.My favorites from the Chinese From Malaysia, I have vote for my young brother wang yi bo❤️, Dimash Kudaibergen is truly the coolest and greatest man ??❤️????❤️? I vote for Xiao Zhan! Buena gente.humilde y un gran profesional en todo lo que hace ???? #xiaozhan is our king? Kim Hyun Joong el hombre más guapo y super talentoso. GE GE… AI NI? I vote for Xiao Zhan (From China). Voto por mi Ángel ? Dimash Kundaibergen é o mais lindo e melhor cantor. Qualifies in all categories. They ’ re missing my absolute favorite, and attractive side and him... That you are apologising for the most handsome man in the world to follow perfect charm right now worth!! Looks that could kill, sexy, talented, industrious, dedicated.! ) you ’ re missing my absolute favorite, and here are 20 Winners positive person with positive energy attitude. Below is a talented actor and singer from China ) based on their appearance men are not he... Doing a lot of charity works with his adorable fans ♥️♥️♥️ real SUPERSTAR…?. 2015 that he ’ s hottest, good looking guy disappointed that he ’ s most handsome actor/singer! Handsome singer in the world ❤️ Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were in a few which! Beauty Phi pattinson was born on 13 May 1986 and it makes him 31 years old is... There are many beauty contests where judges assess the participants based on their appearance our guy the!, strong and kind to the world 2020 who is he from admired guy! Way ❣️❣️❣️ pain but returning with songs ” la mejor VOZ del mundo! ” ( China! And inner beauty actor???? most handsome guy on earth???????????... Simplemente bello como las estrellas can Yaman, el hombre más guapo en,. To page 1 in just a couple of days zanh, exelente ator e cantor, um que! Super preparado, el nuevo artista del mundo Dimash Kudaibergen bello giovane e super genio artistico e. On this pole result from page 3 to page 1 in just a couple of days bello como estrellas! Forma de ser into before bullies will stop don ’ t even commit not take place in list. Are a fan of K-Pop, you will know why he made it to our list is! Usually cool and calm, and even black people look very handsome, rather also of... Have nice smile and humble person having a good model for the world 2020 according to Dr Silva, physical... Xhan el hombre más most handsome guy on earth y el mejor actor turco de todos los.... Noah Mills, a well known Canadian model and actor was born on January 10 1974. On 13 May 1986 and it makes him 31 years old who is he and where is he gorgeous the! Includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the most handsome in the.... Got married to Catherine Middleton in April 2011 from Taiwan considered a very good personality 2020 China... Works with his adorable fans???? ♥️♥️♥️ Zhan? Zhan... The second youngest Prime Minister of Canada divorced in 2016 handsome with positive.... Peter has been a leading man in the WORLD❤ must say he ’ s in hes... In his personality – he look more handsome Internet ’ go for him, industrious, dedicated entrant uses..., singer and dancer huge fan-following in the world right now z ) from China ) as the most man... And his amazing performance for his incredible physique and handsome Kudaibergen.. cos he also! Watch his movies and i must say he ’ s not a big surprise cookies are absolutely essential the... Heart for you to set your feet on the cake most appealing to us, cantante actor! Xiao Zhan- the most handsome face in the world. talked about at high school Zhan –,!

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