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On a recent visit to the shop we met up with Dean Alexander who was preparing to fabricate a custom fan shroud for a '34 Ford pickup. Don't apply too much hardner as it will cure too fast And the third Mechanical fans may not produce enough airflow to cool modified engines compared to it's counterpart electric. This is my improved instructions on making a custom fiberglass fan shroud based on the Jalopy Journals posting. Make a template to the dimensions of your radiator core. top of the rad core, Depth of fan shroud. Below we explain the different type of fan combos we build, their benefits and pricing. //-->. google_ad_width = 120; helps a lot. Griffin shrouds can be polished or left with a natural aluminum finish.. If you are ordering it as a package with one of our radiators we will already have drilled and mounted the fan and shroud to the radiator to be shipped as a unit. You will need a long bolt to align the three template pieces together. This time, the Vega gets all the cooling modifications. Simple mounting bracket made from sheet metal - two per side. This configuration is our simplest, space saving and least expensive option to get a custom electric fan mounted to your radiator. Mattson's can build a custom fan shroud for your Mattson's Custom Radiator, or your existing radiator. Mishimoto Fan Shroud Kit Nissan Skyline 89-94 RB20DET, RB26DETT . Fan shroud mounted and working perfectly - just as planned! comes out to about 7 feet x 4 feet. Fans, Fits Frostbite FB162, FB163, FB164, FB305 Radiators, Various GM Cars and Trucks, Each. More details Volvo Fan Shroud Code: 000644 Reference: 3 979 728 / 20 502 964. Here's the finished fan shroud. EVGA XR1 Capture Device; EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 KO; EVGA GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR6; EVGA GeForce RTX 2080/2070 SUPER KO; EVGA Z490 Motherboards I made this custom shroud using Assault Racing Products 4522616 16" Electric Fan Shroud for 26" Crossflow Radiator and a 4" wide strip of aluminum stock. Optimum Engine-Driven Fan Cooling Requires A Well Fit Fan Shroud These ABS molded shrouds are designed to be custom trimmed for your particular fitment. Rad core template trimmed with dremel tool and removing template screws. Purchase from us and save a lot! Notice that there is plenty of clearance between the fan blades I'm glad I did because I ended up making 3 fan shrouds - even then I still have enough for one or Fan template cut-out, fan shroud painted, cut down the middle and some finishing putty applied. The fan shroud has a number of important functions. These fan shrouds are for most original fan shrouds that are mechanically driven. We have included gener, Airman Compressor Custom All Aluminum Radiator , OE 451016 451016AT 3810041800 3810047000 3810040200 23200033100. Mechanical fans may not produce enough airflow to cool modified engines compared to it's counterpart electric. For this reason measure the radiator’s core to decide which shroud will fit your application. You must let the first coat dry before applying the second. If you are looking to upgrade your radiator, but keep the original fan / shroud layout, this is a durable aluminum option that completes your custom look. didn't bother with worrying about the engine tilt. I used a 4x4 post and cut it to 4" length. Expect to spend about a month on this project and to use your second attempt as a more finished product. I found that looking at the shiny reflection of a Close up of two piece angle iron clamp to keep the two pieces together. When the second coat of fiberglass is cured, turn it over and cut out the rad core template leaving about an 1/8" of edging all around. and final one, used the second method with proper dimensions. Overheating is no longer an issue! I used two small angle iron pieces to mate the each of the two sections together. product supplied by Cool Craft . Each and every Griffin fan shroud is hand made for your radiator to ensure a perfect fit. DUAL ELECTRIC FAN-SHROUD KITS View All (79) Dual 11" Spal Mid Performance Fans. The fan is build inside of the shroud to streamline the thickness of the package. soaked with resin. Fan Shrouds Puchased with a New Griffin Radiator . The pattern doesn't matter as it will be fiberglassed over and painted. /* RT66-Link728x15 */ Documents & Specs. Big engines in early hot rods create unique cooling problems. The flash seems to show up every little thing Two layers of matte fiberglassed on the inside. You will need two coatings of fiberglass resin mixed with hardner on the fabric. Custom Fan Shroud. When purchasing any of our "USA" made radiators, we carry  Stretch the fabric over the fan template side and staple using 1/4" staples to the front of the rad core template. At this point I Shopping Options. Let us build you a custom shroud to help keep your engine cool. google_ad_width = 728; Use these budget tech tips on your next project when making a custom gasket, or fixing that annoying header leak in the Gaskets & Seals Category. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5724184763039528"; Looking for fan shroud factory direct sale? Use acetone for clean-up. I pop rivetted the angle iron and fan shroud mounts to the fan shroud with washers here i build 2 fan shrouds for my project cars, 1951 Studebaker Pickup and my 1991 Mazda Rx7 both with ls swaps. For ease of installation, I cut the fan shroud Water Pump. Working with fiberglass irritates the skin of a lot of people, I've found that wearing painter's throw-away overalls Since the mod was fairly simple, I figured others would be interested in it as it wont void any warranty or require a full teardown. Year Make Model. They are inexpensive ($10-20), light, durable and last a long time if you are a casual wearer. Address: 14-44 30th RoadAstoria, NY 11102 Phone: +1 212 203 2912 Email: Designed … doesn't stick to it and you can peel it off after it cures. The basic principle is to make a hardboard template of the fan and rad core and stretch material between the two. Designed for crossflow style radiators and has mounting flanges across the top and bottom. $78.99. Drill a hole in the center of the fan template. google_ad_height = 15; It’s part of the framework that holds an electric fan in place on the radiator, and it directs airflow for maximum cooling efficiency.It also help protect the fan from road debris, and it reduces turbulence and noise. What remained was the fan shroud. Drill a hole in the rad core template that corresponds to the location of the fan's center. google_ad_height = 90; This is my improved instructions on making a custom fiberglass fan shroud based on the Dual 12" Spal High Performance Fans. What could be better than a high-quality Ford Custom Fan Shroud offered with an amazing low price guarantee? To begin the Custom Fan Shroud process, bring or ship us your radiator, or email us your drawings, plus a physical picture to Source with confidence. Stretch and staple fabric over the template. applying the second but you can probably apply the second immediately over the first. If you are looking to upgrade your radiator, but keep the original fan / shroud layout, this is a durable aluminum option that completes your custom look. Fan Should […] The second one uses the method described here. Part Number: FBR-FB502 google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5724184763039528"; These packages allow airflow over the entire radiator core which is imperative for high horsepower applications and the integrated design allows us to get more airflow into tighter spaces. All rights reserved. Desc. google_ad_slot = "1939599277"; Aluminum works also, most people make a custom shroud to fit a different setup where a standard shroud will not work. For every radiator we built "MADE IN, In general terms, both electric and engine driven fan shrouds are effective for cooling. so I added a circular area to the rad template (see following picture). and the fan shroud. Mahaffey Motorsports offers a custom fan shroud made of aluminum. The first coat will give a carbon fiber finish but will not be strong enough Get the best deals on Custom Car & Truck Fan Shrouds when you shop the largest online selection at Shop By. I used a handy 5" long bolt that I had in my misc bolt container. I used 1/8" masonite (sometimes called hardboard) to make the templates. More details 1; 2; 3 > Get our updates in your email The second coat will give it a smooth finish and hold the shape. One more thing to build for my custom car build. This layout moves us to a shrouded electric fan and shroud, but with a interesting space saving twist. The first two didn't fit as //-->,

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